Smooth Shots; Delonghi EC155 Espresso Maker

It’s sleek, stylish, compact so easy to use. Being popular among emerging flannel dressed baristas with healthy facial hair as the weapon of choice to begin their caffeinated, sweetly roasted endeavors into the land of hipster cafe’s and foamy, milky masterpieces, the Delonghi EC155 Espresso Maker is the one you should buy. Personally, it’s my favourite.

Lets get to the good stuff here. For starters, I promise you that this express Espresso Maker will give you nothing but smooth, rich and deliciousness. Squeezing out every single grain of the beans with a 15 bar pressure and leaving you with only happiness in blackness. Small, but this machine packs a punch and will hit you every single time. It’s relatively easy to use. As long as you clean up the boiler and the froth hose after you barista-ed yourself, then it’ll be fine. Another reason why beginner baristas & coffee aficionada adored the Delonghi EC155 Espresso Maker is the froth, and believe me this machine can give a lot of it. Several reviews showed this machine has a solid track record delivering that deliciousness crema, the brown frothy froth at top of your espresso.


After you have collected all that black nectar, simply swing out the swivel jet frother to whip yourself a quick latte or cappucino. Sweet & strong or light with a bit. Depending on your mood that day. About the swivel jet frother, I personally have no major problem with it what so ever apart from few very rare incident of a watery bubbly foam on top of my latte. If you look at the review, you will notice some will complain about a watery froth, not to watery but it tends to go that way if you are not careful. I managed to find a way round this after some trial and error. All you need is some great timing and a tiny tiny perseverance. Its just a small discomfort in the beginning. Trust me, once you are able to feel differences between steam and water just by the vibration of it when you maneuver the built-in tamper (another awesome feature) then you are good to go.

Yes there might end up with a cup of watery coffee if you are not careful and/or maybe you might end up with an even more watery coffee on the your second attempt, but as an espresso maker, this machine is surreal. The underdog. The “I can give you good coffee everyday only if you play with my tamper well”. Rest assured, if we are talking real life practicality with a touch of finesse, the Delonghi EC155 Espresso Maker is the one to buy. It’s lightweight, relatively inexpensive, makes good crema. Apart from it it’s relatively pointless.

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An Anniversary Gift

My husband and son are so fond of it that on holidays they make a couple of trips to the beach where they have an espresso vending machine. On our marriage anniversary earlier this year, I wanted to gift something to my husband. I had run out of ideas for gifts, since after 35 years nearly all gift ideas had been exhausted. So I decided why not spend a bit more and gift him a espresso machine so he doesn’t have to go out anymore for that? And if I wanted to give him something on our 35th anniversary, why not make it more memorable by gifting him the best espresso machine in the market?
Whenever I am in such dilemmas on selections, I always ask my daughter for help. She runs a boutique in LA, and keeps herself up-to-date with all new gadgets and wares, and knows which ones are the best. She said that I should go for the Breville espresso machine. It was the world’s first automatic manual espresso machine. It had an integrated grinder with an adjustable grind size. It was expensive though, but then this was my loving and dearest husband of 35 years that I was gifting. God had been kind to us, and what mattered more was to see the pleasure on his face at getting something he wanted.

Well, when he received the Breville espresso machine, he was more than pleased. In fact, he was surprised. He had been planning to buy one for me, the similar model, for my birthday. How persons start thinking alike after spending a lifetime together! We use it every evening these days whenever he gets back from the office and share how we spent the day over a cup of coffee. He simply loves being served hot espresso, just like our son and other guests visiting us during evenings.

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My Personal Review on The Best Juicer

I bought my own Jack Lalanne juicer, finally, after using my friend’s for some time now. I’ve had other juicers in the past but I really like the Jack Lalanne juicer as it has a really powerful motor, strong enough to extract the juice from small fruit like lemons to grapefruit and handfuls of kale. I found it easy to assemble and clean too. It doesn’t take up too much space on my counter top as it is quite compact. This juicer is attractive too. The Jack Lalanne juicer has a body that is well built,durable and not flimsy or cheaply made. This is good as it won’t break quickly. You can also register it and it comes with a warranty too.


Juicing is really healthy for you as it is a natural colon cleanse. There is no need to buy expensive pills that claim to do this. I use fruit and vegetables like a lemon,orange,apple,carrots,kale or swiss chard. I pour the juice over ice in a tall glass. Mmm…It tastes really good and I get an instant high after drinking some. It is rich in citric acid is why. The leafy vegetables that I add like kale,swiss chard and fresh spinach are rich in B-12. B vitamins have been proven to be good against depression. There are books you can get with great juicing recipes in them. By using the Jack Lalanne juicer regularly, you’ll notice that your taste buds will change and you will no longer crave sweets loaded with sugar, that can cause cancer and salty snacks like potatoes chips. Both make you fat. Keep juicing guys and you’ll drop the weight and keep it off too! You’ll feel better also. Who doesn’t want to be fit and embrace a healthy, balanced lifestyle.?

Helpful site: Brumichigan

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Saved By The Rice Cooker

I have never been a great cook. It took me a while to learn that since no one in my family would say it to my face but one particular incident took place about 3 years ago that firmly etched that into my mind once and for all. My in laws were supposed to be coming over to our house to spend Easter weekend of that year with us and naturally I wanted everything to be perfect. They are from Asia so I thought that rice would have to be a big part of any meals I prepared. So in the company of my husband, we set out to look for the best rice cooker on the market. I had to get the very best cooker since I did not trust my skills with rice as am not very fond of it.
rice dish
My criteria for choosing the best rice cooker was pretty simple and straight forward. I wanted something easy to operate and which would not have me spending hours poring over manual and learning how to use it. Secondly, I knew that not all rice cookers could cook at the same speed so I wanted a rice cooker that could cook within the shortest time possible. That way I would have time to redo everything fast if any meal did not turn out right. And lastly, the best ideal cooker had to be able to let me know when the rice was ready so that I did not have to dip in a spoon and taste it every now and then. Finding the right rice cooker turned out to be much harder than we had thought at first but eventually, with the help of a few useful reviews, we were able to find one that matched my criteria. And that is how I learnt that I was a terrible cook because after dinner on Friday night, my mother in law complimented me saying that even though everything else was tasteless, the rice was pretty good!

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Happy Customers and a Happy Family


Every chef’s dream is to have the perfect tools for one’s kitchen. I have been a chef for over 7 years and I have been living my dream with the help of Rachael Ray cookware. It has helped me have a conducive and efficient time in the kitchen and it has also helped me make my customers very happy. I have been using Rachael Ray cookware for a long time and it has been my secret in having a successful business.

One of the reasons why I love Rachael Ray cookware is because it provides my business a satisfying job in a very affordable price. Before I started using Rachael Ray cookware, my main problem in cooking is that the food would always stick to the pot or the pan. When I started using the Rachael Ray Hard Anodized Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set, this isn’t a problem with me anymore because its hard-anodized aluminum construction prevents food from sticking to it.
Another personal favorite of mine is the Rachael Ray Tools Bench Scrape Shovel. It has been a problem for me to collect and move ingredients from a cutting board to a pot but with the help of this cookware, I am able to transport ingredients with no hassle and no mess. More than this, it has been durable and long-lasting throughout my whole experience with it and it leaves my kitchen very clean.

Another reason why I love Rachael Ray cookware is that their tools are dishwasher safe and it allows me to save time in my kitchen. I also use the Rachael Ray cookware at home for an easy and convenient way of preparing food for my family. It is very heartwarming to see my customers and my family extremely happy and this is mostly because of the Rachael Ray cookware.

Top cookware brands – Hannah Lives Blog
Choosing the right cookware – Reluctant Gourmet

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My Personal Experience: Immersion Blenders

I was always fond of delicious dishes but since I did not have any blenders I had to go to a restaurant to have my favorite food items. Then one of my friends suggested that I should get for myself one of those modern “hand blender” or “immersion blender”. This is a wonderful tool for those who wan to prefer to enjoy quality dishes in home without the hassle of using hard and bulky food processors. The reason that I switched to immersion blenders is because cleaning after usage is very simple. Also, I have faced many problems with those bulky blenders. I can recall how much I had to go through when I tried to transfer hot sauce or soup to a blender. I found out that some models cannot accept hot liquid. While others might accept hot liquids, but the task of cleaning becomes so laborious that I finally gave trying those big and bulky ones.


I had conducted some research on immersion blenders and discovered that the some of best immersion blenders reviewed for food production are not only light weight and simple to use, but also easy to clean. I was mainly attracted to the capability of these hand blenders to use both cold and hot liquids. I was also surprised to find out that most of these immersion blenders are light and compact when compared to traditional food processors. I would also like to mention one more thing here that unlike bulky appliances that I had used in the past, I do not have to struggle to find a cabinet tall enough that fits properly with my blender. Thus, from my personal experience I can tell that immersion blender reviewed by Jen Altman come with appropriate wall mounted brackets.

I have tried some cool food items with my immersion blender like mashed potatoes, yogurt, dessert frost, mixed drinks, smoothies, and differ types of soups. The Jen Altman reviewed immersion blender helped me to take a better purchase decision. I was able to take informed decision on the basis of various parameters such as product performance, quality, customer satisfaction or ratings, etc. There are many immersion blenders available in the market and choosing the right one could become a difficult task without any reviews. Anyways, given this opportunity to speak my mind out through this blog, I would like to thank Blog By Tina for reviewing the best immersion blenders for food loving people like me. Keep up the good work!

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